Confronting the shortage of skilled workers: Freudenberg Group makes talented young people fit

  • Around 500 talented young people in training worldwide
  • 92 trainees start at the Weinheim site
  • Increasing demand for IT professions due to digitization

Weinheim, September 1, 2022. The Freudenberg Group is training more than 500 young people all over the world for the job market of the future. The number of traineeships has increased by 33% compared to last year, attesting to the company’s commitment to investing in the future of young people in the long term. Today, 92 young people at the Weinheim site are starting their traineeships at a modern training center. Among the trainees are around 30 students from the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW), twice as many as in the previous year.

“They are the 85th annual cohort of trainees and are beginning a journey of lifelong learning today. The company will support them in their individual training and further education with the latest learning methods and technologies. Freudenberg provides training in 15 countries around the world,” explained Esther Loidl, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) of the Freudenberg Group, in her welcoming address. “We are a global company with technologies for the future, from mobility to energy supply to medical technology,” affirmed Dr. Tilman Krauch, Member of the Board of Management and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Freudenberg Group, to the trainees. “We will look to them in the future and will value their contribution to the company.”

“We are aware of our responsibility to help address the shortage of skilled workers,” asserted Raúl González, Head of the Freudenberg Group’s training center. “Freudenberg offers training in a modern learning environment that includes digital learning and working with high-tech machines in interdisciplinary teams in an international setting.” In the technical field, there is an increasing need for mechatronics technicians. This is an apprenticeship that combines mechanics, electronics, engineering and IT. At the same time, due to digitalization, the need for IT specialists in production and sales for the development of new products and business models is increasing significantly. In Weinheim, Freudenberg is also working with the DHBW to train business IT specialists and computer scientists as well as management assistants specializing in IT systems.

This is an exciting mix of IT and commercial knowledge
“The combination of commercial knowledge, IT topics and engineering is fascinating, and I enjoy it,” says Dustin Berger. He is starting his third year of training as a management assistant specializing in IT systems at Freudenberg. Working on a large IT project, for which many users had to be migrated and computers exchanged, fascinated him just as much as programming or the manual work in the IT workshop. “A modern, interesting job with future prospects that I would choose again without thinking twice,” says Berger.

The content of the training and dual study programs is also changing and becoming more interdisciplinary. Self-management and in-depth knowledge of technologies are required. Process management and IT skills are in demand to the same degree as digital learning. All training at the training center makes use of digital equipment such as touch monitors and tablets. Interactive learning also creates space for independent learning. The trainees and students work in inter-professional teams, create learning maps and work together to solve tasks.

More information for your application
Freudenberg offers three of the ten most popular apprenticeships in Germany: Electronics technician, mechatronics technician and industrial management assistant. There are over 20 training options in total: Training is provided in 14 skilled occupations as well as in ten dual courses of study in the fields of business, engineering and IT together with the Cooperative State University in Mannheim. Applications for 2023 can now be submitted on the Freudenberg training homepage at


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