Effectively fighting smog

Weinheim, Germany. December 3, 2015. For years now we have been seeing the same pictures: Chinese cities sinking under a dirty-gray mist. “Air pollution in China is comparable to that of western industrialized nations a few decades ago”, explained Li Jianmin, General Manager of Freudenberg Filtration Technologies in Suzhou. Health-threatening particulate pollution was present in this country, especially in urban areas, until the early 1990s. Since then, the situation has improved significantly. “Freudenberg solutions can directly contribute to reducing air pollution and other environmental contaminants”, said Li. This is particularly true of three areas. Firstly, filter systems in production plants ensure that particulate matter and contaminants from exhaust gases do not escape into the atmosphere. Secondly, air filters and facemasks protect people in cars, rooms and on the street against pollutants and particulate matter. And thirdly, Freudenberg seals and lubricants increase the energy efficiency of industrial equipment and vehicles, thereby reducing emissions.

In China, the ambitious goal of the government is to reduce concentrations of particulate matter by 2017 to an average of 60 micrograms per cubic meter. In the capital Beijing, values for particularly harmful PM2.5 particles climbed to 634 micrograms per cubic meter in recent days. This is why modern industrial filters that drastically reduce emissions from production plants are in increasing demand in China.

Freudenberg continually invests in filter research and production, including making a recent investment in a new production line for the activated carbon coating of filtration materials at the company’s Suzhou site. “This enables us to supply our local customers more quickly and efficiently and to meet increased demand”, Li explained. “We also put an air filter test laboratory into operation this year, to subject our filters to strict controls and continuous development.” Freudenberg Filtration Technologies is represented at five locations in China: Suzhou, Chengdu, Changchun, Guangzhou and Beijing.

Innovative sealing technologies reduce CO2 emissions

The products of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies help to reduce CO2 emissions levels. Without high-performance seals, most innovations and new developments, in particular in the automotive sector of tomorrow, cannot be realized. A variety of seals – for example in the engine, gearbox or driveshaft of cars – contribute through friction reduction and lightweight construction to significantly reducing fuel consumption.

With Levitex, Freudenberg has developed a new generation of virtually friction-free engine gaskets, which will enter serial production for the first time in 2017. According to the company’s calculations, these gaskets will save as much as one gram of CO2 per kilometer. If all cars in Germany were equipped with Levitex gaskets, there would be an extrapolated annual saving of more than 440,000 metric tons of CO2 and a calculated reduction in fuel consumption of 146 million liters.

Specialty lubricants enable an improved energy balance

Specialty lubricants that increase the efficiency of machines are also an effective approach to reducing CO2 emissions in industrial plants and production facilities. For example, the use of polyglycol oils in place of conventional mineral oils can reduce energy consumption by up to 15 percent. The improved energy balance reduces the emissions that lead to smog.

Freudenberg products provide better air to breathe

If the air is already polluted, we need to protect ourselves as effectively as possible. Modern air filters for car interiors, in homes or at work protect people against particulate matter and pollutants and thus contribute to improving quality of life. Today, two out of three cars are equipped with cabin air filters from Freudenberg. In addition, engine intake air filters ensure the efficient performance of engines, which in turn reduces emissions. With the intensity of traffic in Chinese cities, this makes an important contribution to improving air quality.

About Freudenberg in China

Freudenberg has held business ties with customers and partners in China for more than 100 years. The Group has a workforce of some 6,100 people at more than 70 sites. In 2014 Freudenberg generated sales of around 6 billion Yuan in China. For further information, please go to www.freudenberg.cn.

About the Freudenberg Group

Freudenberg is a global technology group that strengthens its customers and society long-term through forward-looking innovations. Together with its partners, customers and the world of science, the Freudenberg Group develops leading-edge technologies, and excellent products, solutions and services for more than 30 market segments and for thousands of applications: seals, vibration control components, nonwovens, filters, specialty chemicals, medical and mechatronic products, IT services and the most modern cleaning products.
Innovation strength, strong customer orientation, diversity and team spirit are the cornerstones of our Group. Commitment to excellence, reliability and pro-active, responsible action belong to the company’s core values lived for more than 165 years.
In 2014, the Freudenberg Group employed over 40,000 people in some 60 countries worldwide and generated sales of more than 7 billion Euros (including pro-rata consolidation of 50:50 joint ventures). For more information, please visit www.freudenberg.com