Freudenberg ready for change in automotive sector

Experts meet in Weinheim to discuss the “Future of Mobility”

As an innovation hub, Germany will soon be facing fundamental changes in the automotive and mobility sectors. “We think various drive systems will coexist in the future. We thus want to provide competent solutions for all drive types – whether internal combustion, electric, hybrid or fuel cells,” said Dr. Tilman Krauch, Freudenberg Group CTO during Freudenberg’s “Future of Mobility” event today in Weinheim. Automobile experts came together to discuss the challenges and opportunities for the numerous German automotive suppliers in Germany and provide insight into current developments at Freudenberg.

An entire industry is in the midst of transformation and in these times of severe air pollution the future of mobility is more important than ever. “New powertrain systems are being developed and automotive manufacturers are working ever more closely with suppliers. The requirements for innovative solutions are getting tougher. Those involved in systems development will be opening new areas of business,” said Dr. Krauch.

High ranking representatives from the various Business Groups gave presentations showcasing Freudenberg’s readiness to face the challenges of new mobility: Dr. Ted Duclos, CTO Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, presented the latest battery developments. Dr. Frank Heislitz, CTO Freudenberg Performance Materials, spoke of the technological challenges facing fuel cell vehicles. Dr. Jörg Böcking, CTO Vibracoustic, explained how important and vital innovative vibration and acoustic technology is to automobiles. Dr. Jörg Sievert, COO Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, rounded off the expert presentations by talking about customized air filtration solutions in automotive applications.

Dr. Günther Schuh, who holds the professorship for Production Engineering at RWTH Aachen University and is CEO and founder of e.GO Mobile AG presented an extensive mobility and vehicle concept. His e.GO Life, e.GO Booster and e.GO Mover are tailored for individual urban mobility needs. He said it was important to realize that improvement was needed in more than the various technologies such as classic internal combustion engines, fuel cells, hybrid and electric drives. “The entire market is changing. An interdependent development of mobility concepts and powertrain technologies is vital to a better future,” said Professor Schuh in his lecture on the tighter networking and closer collaboration of all actors in the mobility space.

“The e.GO is an impressive example of the creativity and the cooperation found in Germany as a scientific and innovation hub,” said Dr. Tilman Krauch. Freudenberg is a globally active company and benefits from strong German roots. Freudenberg also profits from having excellent universities and leading automotive manufacturers nearby. “In addition to our constant innovation, we at Freudenberg think the location will help us develop optimal solutions for the future. A lot of research is still needed; we are only at the beginning of the development curve and these technologies still need a lot of research,” said Dr. Krauch.

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Video: Freudenberg drives New Mobility

Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh is professor for Production Engineering at RWTH Aachen University as well as CEO and founder of e.GO Mobile AG.

Dr. Tilman Krauch, Freudenberg Group CTO, during Freudenberg’s “Future of Mobility” event.