Innovative Freudenberg products for allergy sufferers

When eyes water and noses itch

The Robert Koch Institute reports that one third of all Europeans have allergies and the number is rising. Nearly 150 million Europeans suffer from itchy noses, burning eyes, frequent sneeze attacks – with these symptoms at their worst in spring. Whether outside, at home or in the car; allergenic substances are everywhere and irritate sufferers’ immune systems. The Freudenberg Group offers innovative solutions to make life easier for allergy sufferers. Some of these solutions include vehicle cabin filters that remove nearly 100 percent of all unhealthy particles from the air and keep it clean. To help allergy sufferers get a good night’s rest, Freudenberg has developed protective bedding, so that mites cannot breed in it. In the event of allergic shock, self-injection syringes administer adrenaline. Medical parts made from Freudenberg Medical’s silicon from help seal these syringes.

What is an allergic reaction? When the body comes into contact with an foreign substance, the immune system will test to see if it’s a pathogen. If it is, a complex defensive reaction is unleashed. People with allergies have a hyperactive immune system that attacks both harmless substances and pathogens, including bacteria and viruses. People can have contact with allergens through their nose, skin or gastro-intestinal tract. The symptoms for allergy sufferers may grow in severity and increase to the point of a life-threatening anaphylactic shock. Hay fever can turn into asthma over time.

Freudenberg has various solutions for allergy sufferers. They need clean and unpolluted air in their cars. Pollen, diesel fumes and bacteria can trigger uncomfortable symptoms such as asthma, sneezing and head ache. Allergen levels in the vehicle cabin can be amplified through the so-called tunnel effect, causing pollutant levels in a vehicle cabin to be up to six times higher than those on the side of the road. The cabin filters from the Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Business Group use a specially developed nonwoven material to remove almost 100 percent of pollutants from the air, prevent contamination of the ventilation system and reduce fogging of windows. 

Pollutant-free protective bedding for allergy sufferers

Beds and mattresses are a favorite place for mites. They have the ideal temperature and moisture. One solution is anti-allergenic bedding. If Evolon® is used to make it, no additional chemical treatment is needed. How does it work? A nonwoven material made from bicomponent filaments (BiCo filaments) is worked into a microfilament textile using high-pressure water jets. The patented procedure creates a textile material that provides a protective layer against allergens while remaining highly breathable. The dense and compact structure of the incredibly fine microfilaments can filter out even the smallest particles. Evolon is also very comfortable, highly breathable and soft. Another important benefit to allergy sufferers is that Evolon® can be washed at temperatures of up to 95 degrees with no loss of quality. The innovative development from Freudenberg Performance Materials has received the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation’s Quality Seal. Evolon has also received the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1. This guarantees that the product is completely free of pollutants and can be used for babies and children.

Emergency syringes to fight allergic shock

Allergic shock causes shortness of breath, dizziness and swelling, making it the most severe reaction an organism can have to an allergen. First, histamine is released, setting in motion a chain reaction where blood vessels expand, and blood pressure drops, stopping the blood supply to vital organs or leaving it insufficient. Triggers include insect bites, medications or foods, such as nuts, milk or chicken eggs. The emergency treatment involves an anti-histamine, cortisone and adrenaline. In a few seconds, they can restart the cardio-vascular system, causing the blood vessels to constrict and allow the allergy sufferer to breath easy once more. The self-injection syringes use medical parts molded from Freudenberg Medical’s liquid silicon. The molded parts make sure the syringe is well sealed and the active ingredients cannot leak out.


Nearly 150 million Europeans suffer from itchy noses, burning eyes, frequent sneeze attacks.

Photo credit: Marco Schilling for Freudenberg Group.