New Trends in Cleaning Habits

Weinheim, December 27, 2013. Champagne corks pop; streamers fly through the air. New Year celebrations start at the end of the year. But in the midst of all the fun - the dust settles. Leftovers from crisps gather under tables and confetti is strewn all over the floor. A Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions market research survey has shown that people want to simplify their daily lives. And they look for products that enable them to do this. The new Relax robot from vileda is an excellent example. With its help, cleaning the floor works at the push of a button. The number of electronic household aids is increasing and the robotic industry is becoming a growth market.

Relax saves time – and not only at New Year. For time is precious. A clean house creates a pleasant atmosphere and helps to make you feel at home. This is why Relax is such a useful purchase. "Relax makes work easier for our customers. It saves time and – as the name implies – it frees up time for our customers to relax," explains Alexander Mannweiler, Business Development Manager at Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions.

Nowadays, an increasing number of men and women have careers, and need to combine job, family and household. Instead of cleaning, they prefer to spend their time with their partner and children. The red Relax robot brings relief and at a price of around 200 Euros is cheaper than a cleaner. It takes the cleaning robot from vileda a step forward with a new design.

The robot moves quietly through the home, comes to a halt when confronted with an obstacle and special sensors prevent it from falling down the stairs. Collisions and damage to furniture are avoided thanks to its rubber buffers. Even the electric engine makes very little noise. Relax can be used anywhere – and at any time. As soon as it touches the floor, it whirrs away through each room of its own accord. "Relax is ideal for cleaning during the week when time is short. Relax was designed to reduce daily vacuuming to a minimum, enabling you to feel comfortable in your own four walls," says Mannweiler. Crumbs and confetti – left behind after the New Year celebrations - rapidly disappear inside the little red run-about - leaving the house spick and span ready to welcome the next guest.

"We constantly try to simplify our everyday lives. This trend is often given the "convenience" label. It doesn't just stop at cleaning habits," explains Alexander Mannweiler. "This is the reason why electronic equipment is increasingly used in the home. Robots for cleaning the home are currently a growth market. Even older people have discovered the advantages of a cleaning robot." Relax – easy to handle and operate – is a welcome aid. Running time is set via three buttons. The battery lasts at least 80 minutes, so that large rooms can be cleaned without interruption.

The cleaning robot can be used on almost all types of flooring: tiles, parquet, laminate and even short-woven carpet up to a centimeter long is possible. This has made the cleaning robot a top-seller in Central Europe. Vileda® ViROBi is ideal for solid floors seen in Mediterranean Southern Europe. It uses an electro-static cloth for independent cleaning. The robot is especially popular for people who keep pets, because it can easily remove pet hair as well as dust. But Relax, ViROBi's big brother, takes care of the confetti and crisp leftovers from the New Year celebrations.