Well equipped for extreme heat

Weinheim, 16 July 2015. The magic mark is 40.3 degrees Celsius. Earlier this month, the German Weather Service recorded this temperature in Kitzingen, Bavaria: an all-time high since records began in 1881. Similar tropical temperatures are expected again in the coming days. When the temperature rises, we can reach for an ice or cool off in the pool. Industrial applications call for rather more sophisticated solutions.

High outside temperatures provide a challenge for the construction industry. Heat and sunlight can dry and harden fresh concrete too quickly, resulting in cracks and furrows. Working with customers in the construction sector, Freudenberg has developed a process that enables durable roads and bridges to be constructed even in high temperatures. Construction workers lay special Freudenberg nonwovens soaked in water on top of the damp concrete and seal everything with foil. This extends the hardening process and ensures that the new roads can withstand heavy loads without cracking.

Staying cool at work

So-called cooling ceilings ensure a pleasant climate in many modern office buildings during hot weather. Water passed through highly conductive materials – such as copper – supplies the room with cool air via perforated ceiling surfaces. Ensuring the smooth operation of this process places special requirements on the other materials used. Because it does insulate, the acoustic nonwoven SoundTex from Freudenberg is particularly well suited for use in ceilings with built-in heating or cooling systems. The 0.27-mm thin nonwoven has another significant advantage: it absorbs distracting noises to create a good working environment, especially in open-plan offices.

Freudenberg solutions for high-temperature applications

To perform well at work, good relaxation is essential. If a trip to Italy is not possible – the Germans' second favorite holiday destination after their own country – even a frozen pizza enjoyed on the balcony can create a bit of a holiday mood. Freudenberg has developed synthetic high-temperature oils that ensure the reliable lubrication of all drive, control and conveyor chains in the ovens use for industrial food processing. These lubricants can function at temperatures of up to 250 degrees Celsius and are specifically approved for sensitive applications, such as food processing.

When it comes to holidays, most Germans travel by plane. To save fuel, modern aircraft engines operate at increasingly higher combustion chamber temperatures. Inside the engine housing, temperatures can rise as high as 300 degrees Celsius, while the air that flows over them outside can be as cold as minus 65 degrees Celsius. This means that the many hundreds of seals installed in an engine housing are exposed to high thermal loads.

Fireproof protection in extreme situations

This is not just the case during normal operation, but even more so in the event of an engine fire. Fortunately, these situations are rare in modern aviation. However, if it does get to that point, the source of the fire needs to be contained within the body of the engine. This prevents smoke from entering the cabin or the flames igniting the fuel in the wings. During an engine fire, temperatures can reach 1,100 degrees Celsius, which can be safely withstood by the fireproof silicone compounds used in Freudenberg seals.

If the fire does succeed in entering the cabin, special fire-resistant Freudenberg fabrics provide protection. These are used for example in the seats of airplanes and trains. A nonwoven sheathing prevents the seat upholstery from catching fire, protecting passengers and staff alike.

About the Freudenberg Group

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