When Santa comes by post

Weinheim, December 18, 2015. Christmas is just a few days away. Three clicks online and the postman will deliver the parcel in good time to take its place under the tree. “Right now, just before Christmas, internet sales are especially strong”, explained Marco Nuzzo, who is responsible for online marketing and e-commerce at Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions (FHCS). According to a survey by digital association Bitkom, 62 percent of Germans aged 14 or older buy their Christmas presents online. What’s more, almost one in four internet users (24 per cent) purchase their gifts exclusively via the web.

Especially in the run-up to Christmas, many Vileda products are bought over the internet. On the one hand, this is because products like the Vileda Virobi dusting robot or the WindoMatic window cleaner are often given as presents. On the other hand, electronic products are very popular in online trading throughout the year, according to Nuzzo. There are various reasons for this. “Customers appreciate being able to find out about products online and exchange information with other users. This is particularly true of electronics.” The result is that nearly half of all dusting and vacuum-cleaning robots are no longer sold over the counter but are ordered online.

FHCS has been trading online since 2011. Vileda products are well suited for this because they have no expiration date and are therefore easy to store. The large Vileda products are the most popular. "Delivery to your door makes shopping simple and convenient", Nuzzo commented. "Vacuum and dusting robots, mops like the EasyWring & Clean system and ironing boards are especially popular with our internet customers." Shopping online is particularly advantageous now, during the festive season, if it means avoiding the overcrowded city centers on Advent Saturdays.

Large Vileda products in particular are not available in all stores, since store space is limited. "Online and offline distribution channels complement each other with us: one does not exclude the other", Nuzzo explained. This is also reflected in the sales figures. Because customers buy different products via the internet or over the counter, FHCS is experiencing strong growth in online sales while also seeing an increase in demand in retail stores.

FHCS has a clear online marketing strategy aimed at increasing the number of internet visitors as well as boosting conversion rates. The system indicates how many site visitors actually make a purchase. Nuzzo, who has worked for FHCS since 2006, especially values the direct customer feedback enabled by online trading. "We are happy about every customer review. Feedback helps us to make our products better and better. We can use the experiences of customers and incorporate them into the development of our products. Because one thing is always our priority: to solve the problems of the consumer." And that applies to all Vileda products, regardless of whether they are purchased in a store or via the internet.